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Orange County


Part of the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County was created in 1889 from Los Angeles County. Its county seat, Santa Ana, is on I-5, about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Orange County is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the counties Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego.

Any names below in red have not been matched with a person in the Culpepper family tree. If you can identify any of them, please let us know.

Birth Records

The following birth records have been extracted for temporary working purposes from While we normally do not publish the dates of birth of living people, these dates were drawn from public records and we have not yet identified who these individuals are within our Family Tree. Once they are identified, the names will be added to the Family Tree (with no dates shown if still living), and at that time the names will also be deleted from this page.

If you can help identify any of the names below in order for us to connect them to our family tree, please contact us.

County / Name, Birth Date, Sex, Mother's Maiden Name
Sorted by Mother's Maiden Name, and Birth Date

bulletChristia A. Culpepper, 05 Dec 1970, M, Coley
bulletJacob Allen Culpepper, 21 May 1992, M, Culpepper
bulletAmy L. Culpepper, 14 Jan 1977, F, Holland
bulletStephani L. Culpepper, 25 Dec 1975, F, Martin
bulletCharles McNeil Culpepper, 21 Apr 1978, M, Martin
bulletValerie Michelle Culpepper, 10 Jun 1988, F, Miller
bulletMcKenna Breanne Culpepper, 02 Aug 1995, F, Mojado
bulletSaurudzai Anntoinette Culpepper, 16 Jan 1991, F, Mutharika
bulletKumbirai Lamont Culpepper, 22 May 1992, M, Mutharika
bulletTerrence Lee Culpepper, __ 1986, M, Roland (#59805)
bulletMichael Brandon Culpepper, 08 Aug 1990, M, Santacruz
bulletMiranda Elena Culpepper, 06 Jun 1994, F, Santacruz
bulletRobert P. Culpepper, 11 Jul 1969, M, Tatum
bulletSherry J. Culpepper, 13 Dec 1964, F, Thompson
bulletMark Alan Culpepper, 19 Feb 1955, M, Townsend
bulletDana L. Culpepper, 30 May 1957, F, Townsend
bulletBarbara J. Culpepper, 10 Mar 1959, F, Townsend
bulletAllyson Belle Culpepper, __ 1991, F, Wilson (#57859)

Death Records

CA Death Index Format
Name, Sex, Birth Date, Birth State, Death Date, Age, Mother Maiden, Father Last

SSDI Format
Name, Last Residence, Birth Date - Death Date, Where SSN Issued


Elizabeth L. Culpepper, Anaheim, Orange Co., CA  92806, 1 Mar 1936 - 1 Mar 2002, Issued in CA in 1951


Jessie A Culpepper, F, 3 May 1895, Iowa, 25 May 1988, 93Yrs, Thomas, Covalt
Jessie A. Culpepper, (Santa Ana Area, Orange Co.?), CA 92666,
3 May 1895 - 25 May 1988, Issued in CA in 1973


Juanita Culpepper, F, 22 Oct 1920, New Mexico, 4 Oct 1997, 76Yrs, Morris, Coker
Juanita Culpepper, Tustin, Orange Co., CA  92780, 22 Oct 1920 - 4 Oct 1997
, Issued in NM bef. 1951


Mary E. Culpepper, Garden Grove, Orange Co., CA  92844, Last Benefit: Topock, Mohave Co., AZ 86436, 27 Sep 1917 - 28 Mar 2002, Issued in Pa bef. 1951


Robert F. Culpepper, Mission Viejo, Orange Co., CA  92691, 27 May 1912 - 9 Feb 1988, Issued in CA bef. 1951
Robert Ford Culpepper, M, 27 May 1912
, Arkansas, 9 Feb 1988,  75Yrs, Hoshel,


Vera L. Culpepper, (Santa Ana Area, Orange Co.?), CA  92641 , 27 Feb 1912 - 22 Feb 1993, Issued in CA bef. 1951
Vera Louise [Strong] Culpepper, F, 27 Feb 1912
, Kansas, 24 Feb 1993, 80Yrs, Gordon, Strong


If you know which Culpepper this street was named for, please let us know.


Culpepper Circle
Huntington Beach
Orange Co., CA

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Bobbye Davis.

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