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Chickasaw Nation Territory


In Oklahoma's south central area in what was then called Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation Territory was one of the "Five Civilized Tribes". In 1907, the Chickasaw Nation Territory was divided into a dozen or more counties, including Carter and Johnston.

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Census Records

A special thanks to Pat Roberts for transcribing all of our Oklahoma Census records.

Oklahoma was opened to white settlers with the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. The earliest extant census for Oklahoma Territory is for 1900, and Oklahoma Territory became a state in 1907.

1900 US Census


ED 141, Sheet 7B, Pg 26A, Im-11, Chickasaw Nation, OK
Louisa Culpepper, Head, F, Sep-1866, 33, WD, Ch 6/4, TN TN TN, Farmer, (#35889)√
Charlie Culpepper, Son, M, Oct-1884, 15, S, TX TN TN, Farm Laborer
Victor Culpepper, Son, M, Oct-1890, 9, S, TX TN TN
Harry Culpepper, Son, M, Nov-1892, 7, S, TX TN TN
Lula M. Culpepper, Dau, F, Jan-1895, 5, S, TX TN TN
(This family was from Fannin Co., TX and is in Carter Co., OK in 1910)


ED 138, Sheet 3B, Pg 278A, Im-6, Chickasaw Nation, OK
William Kerr, Head, M, Sep-1869, 31, md-6 yrs, AL TN AL, School Teacher
Viola Kerr, Wife, F, Feb-1871, 29, Md-6 yrs, Ch 5/illeg, TX GA US
Grace Kerr, Dau, F,  J__-1897, 3, S, TX AL TX
Carl Kerr, Son, M, May-1900, 0/12, S, TX AL TX
Isaiah? Culpepper, Boarder, M, m/a-1861, 39, S, GA GA GA, Millwright


ED 175, Sheet 2B, Pg 208A, Im-4, Chickasaw Nation, OK (Black)
Renna? Culpepper, Head, F, na-1865, 35, WD, Ch 4/4, Ind-Terr Ind-Terr Ind-Terr
John Culpepper, Son, M, Dec-1882, 18, S, Ind-Terr Ind-Terr Ind-Terr
Ella Culpepper, Dau, F, Dec?-1888, 12, S, Ind-Terr Ind-Terr Ind-Terr
Pauline? Culpepper, Dau, F, illeg-1897, 3, S, Ind-Terr Ind-Terr Ind-Terr
? Culpepper, Son, M, illeg-1899, 1, S, Ind-Terr Ind-Terr Ind-Terr

1910 US Census


Prior to the 1910 census, the Chickasaw Nation Territory was divided into a dozen or more counties, including Carter and Johnston.

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