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Oklahoma Culpepper Archives
Harmon County


In the Great Plains Country and at the southwestern corner of Oklahoma, Harmon County was formed in 1909 from Greer and Jackson Counties. Its county seat, Hollis, is on US-162 about 150 miles WSW of Oklahoma City. Harmon is bordered by the Oklahoma counties of Beckham, Greer and Jackson; and by the Texas counties of Collingsworth, Childress and Hardeman.

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Census Records

A special thanks to Pat Roberts for transcribing all of our Oklahoma Census records.

Oklahoma was opened to white settlers with the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. The earliest extant census for Oklahoma Territory is for 1900, and Oklahoma Territory became a state in 1907. No Culpeppers have been found in any Harmon County censuses prior to 1910.

1910 US Census


ED 123, Sheet 2B, Pg 190B, Gen.com Im-4, Coralea, Harmon Co., OK
Mary E. Culpepper, Head, F, 38, WD, Ch 8/6, TX IL MO, Farmer (#32260)√
Otis F. Culpepper, Son, M, 16, S, TX AL TX
Mary E. Culpepper, Dau, F, 12, S, TX AL TX
Louis W. Culpepper, Son, M, 10, S, TX AL TX
Harvy J. Culpepper, Son, M, 4, S, OK AL TX
Howard H. Culpepper, Son, M, 6/12, S, OK AL TX
Lee C. Headrick, Boarder, M, 24, S, OK SC TX, Laborer-Farm

1920 US Census


ED 85, Sheet 4B, Pg 172B, Anc.com Im-8, Coralea, Harmon Co., OK
William A. Boyett, Head, M, 22, M, OK TN TX, Merchant-Retail Gen-Merc (#35649)√
Mary E. Boyett, Wife, F, 22, M, TX AL AL
Reta F. Boyett, Dau, F, 3, S, OK OK TX
Marvin H. Boyett, Son, M, 10/12, S, OK OK TX
Howard H. Culpepper, Brother-in-law, M, 10, S, OK AL AL


ED 96, Sheet 3A, Pg 279, Anc.com Im-5, Gould, Martin, Harmon Co., OK
A. T. Elrod, Head, M, 37, M, TN TN TN, Mechanic-Garage (# 35644)√
Maggie Elrod, Wife, F, 27, M, TX AL TX
Rachael Elrod, Dau, F, 7, S, OK TN TX
Ruby Elrod, Dau, F, 4 6/12, S, OK TN TX
Ina Ruth Elrod, Dau, F, 1 6/12, OK TN TX
Harvey Culpepper, Brother-in-law, M, 14, S, OK AL TX (#5253)

1930 US Census


ED 1, Sheet 4A, Pg 118, Dryden, Harmon Co., OK
Rent=Y, Radio=N, Farm=Y (#35650)
Louis W. Culpepper, Head, M, 30, M, md@24, TX US TX, Engineer-Water Pump, Vet=WW
Celia E. Culpepper, Wife, F, 26, M, md@20, OK AR MO
Jennie R or L? Culpepper, Dau, F, 5, S, OK TX OK
Kathleen Culpepper, Dau, F, 2 2/12, S, OK TX OK


ED 1, Sheet 4A, Pg 118, Dryden, Harmon Co., OK
Rent=Y, Radio=N, Farm=Y
J. Harvey Culpepper, Head, M, 24, M, md@21, OK US TX (#35652)
Amelia M. Culpepper, Wife, F, 19, M, md@16, OK AR MO
Charles D. Culpepper, Son, M, 2, S, OK OK OK


ED 3, Sheet 2B, Pg 148, Martin Tnshp., Gould, Harmon Co., OK
Home=$2000, Radio=Y, Farm=N
George J. Elrod, Head, M, 47, md@26, TN TN TN, General Farmer (# 35644)
Maggie Elrod, Wife, F, 38, md@18, TX AL TX
Ruby F. Elrod, Dau, F, 14, Sng, AL TN TX
Rachel M. Elrod, Dau, F, 17, Sng, AL TN TX
Bud F. Culpepper, Lodger (Bro-in-law), M, 36, S, TX AL TX, Bookkeeper-Garage, Vet=WW


Dryden Cemetery
Harmon Co., OK

From Oklahoma USGenWeb Archives, submitted by Jeanette Coaly


Cecil Culpepper, Unmarked  (#35654)


F. D. Culpepper, 18 Oct 1860 - 10 Apr 1910, Father (#32259)
M. E. Culpepper, 14 Feb 1871 - 26 Jan 1915, Mother


Rosa M. Culpepper, 4 Oct 1895 - 19 Aug 1904 (#35647)

Social Security Death Index

All records of deaths on or before 31 Jan 2004 in which the final benefit was paid in this county.


Otis Culpepper, 6 Mar 1894 - Nov 1971, Gould, Harmon Co., OK; SSN 446-34-7404 issued in OK in 1951-1953 (#35645)√


Ruth Culpepper, 20 Jun 1908 - 25 Aug 1988, Gould, Harmon Co., OK; SSN 445-36-9657 issued in OK in 1953-1954 (#35646)√

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