Daniel Peek Culpepper

Male, #32058, (23 Apr 1800 - 25 Oct 1825)
Father*John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL (1 Oct 1772 - 13 May 1855)
Mother*Nancy Gillespie (c 1778 - 25 Jul 1848)
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Birth*23 Apr 1800 Daniel was born at Lexington District, South Carolina, on 23 Apr 1800. 
1800 Census4 Aug 1800 Daniel was probably a free white male, under 10 years old, in John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL's houseshold on the 1800 Census at Lexington District, South Carolina. Unaccounted for is 1 female 0-10..1 
1810 Census6 Aug 1810 Daniel was probably a free white male, age under 10, in John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL's household on the 1810 Census at Richland District, South Carolina. Unaccounted for are 1 male 0-10 and 1 female 16-26..2,3 
Marriage*26 Jan 1819 He married Mary Ann Corley at Lexington District, South Carolina, on 26 Jan 1819 at age 18. 
1820 Census*7 Aug 1820 Daniel was listed as the head of a family on the 1820 Census at Edgefield District, South Carolina.4 
Birth of Son1 Feb 1823 His son James Marion Culpepper M.D. was born on 1 Feb 1823 at Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., Georgia
Tax roll*1825 He registered to pay taxes at Baldwin Co., Georgia, in 1825.5 
Birth of Son29 Aug 1825 His son John Francis Culpepper was born on 29 Aug 1825 at Baldwin Co., Georgia
Death*25 Oct 1825 He died at Baldwin Co., Georgia, on 25 Oct 1825 at age 25. 
Land Lottery*1832 Daniel was the deceased whose orphan(s) had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1832 at Talbot Co., Georgia,
lot 975/19/3 in what became Paulding Co., GA.6 
Biography* Mrs. J. W. (Ira Gay) Deam of Gay, GA preserved a record of Daniel Peek Culpepper's birth from the John Culpepper Bible which was copied by Mrs. D. W. (Lavyn Wright) Sisco: _________________________Daniel P. Culpepper _________________________b. April, 23 1800 _________________________On Wednesday about sunrise
Shortly after Daniel's birth, he was recorded as one of three males 0-10 years of age in his father's household in the 1800 census of Lexington District, SC. Daniel Peek Culpepper was named after his presumed great grandfather, Daniel Peek, whose name was also spelled Peeke, Peak, and Peake. By 1807, Daniel's father, John Culpepper, had apparently moved his family across the Congaree River to Richland District, SC where John was recorded as an administrator of Daniel Peek's estate. Still in Richland District, SC for the 1810 census, Daniel was recorded as one of five males age 0-10 in the household of John Culpepper. Sometime before the 1813 birth of William Henry Culpepper, Daniel had moved with his parents to Edgefield District, SC. Daniel remained in Edgefield District, SC, presumably living with his parents until he married in 1819.
Daniel emerges as a head of household with his wife (not noted in a census summary but found microfilm copy of actual record) and infant daughter in the 1820 census of Edgefield District, SC. At some point Daniel moved his family to Georgia but no record has been found in 1820 and 1821 Georgia Land Lottery records or in deed or estate records. Daniel's father sold the land "where I live" in Edgefield District, SC in February 1823 but Daniel was apparently already living in Georgia since the Rev. John Butler Culpepper, in a family summary, stated that his father, James Marion Culpepper, Daniel Peek Culpepper's son, was born 1 Feb 1823 in Baldwin Co., GA within sight of Milledgeville. It is not clear how long the family remained in Baldwin Co., GA. A place of birth has not been found for the next child, John Francis Culpepper, and it is possible that he was also born in Baldwin Co, GA in 1825 and that Daniel Peek died there two months later. However Daniel's father was listed as "of Monroe" Co., GA when he bought land in Monroe Co. in 1827 suggesting that the family was in Monroe Co. before 1827 but it is not known if the family was there as early as 1825. Mrs. D. W. Deam and Mrs. D. W. Sisco also preserved the date of Daniel Peek Culpepper's death: _________________________d. October, 25 1825
Daniel was described by a grandson, Rev. John Butler Culpepper, as "a dashing young sport" and a "poor business man" who "in a very short while had run through all his father had given him" and died young, leaving his wife and young children "without the necessities of life."
Mrs. John (Dorothy Culpepper) Wingfield preserved a 25 page typed manuscript "ONE FAMILY - CULPEPPER" written by her grandfather, Rev. George Bright Culpepper, who noted: One of the sons of John Culpepper and his wife was Daniel Peek Culpepper, who was my grandfather. He died when my father was only three years old, leaving my grandmother a widow with three children - Caroline, 5; James Marion, my father, 3; and John Francis, 1.
Since two of the three children had been born in Georgia and had resided there since birth, they were eligible as a family to one draw in the 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia. They apparently drew lot 975 in district 19 of section 3 which was in the same section and district where John Jefferson Culpepper, Daniel's older brother, had drawn a lot. The land would have been 40 acres near the center of the southern border of Paulding Co., GA. Although they had been in Monroe Co., GA in 1830, at the time of the draw, the children were apparently living in Talbot Co., GA. It is not known if the land was sold but the family apparently never moved to it. 


Mary Ann Corley (circa 1800 - 12 Jun 1851)
Marriage*26 Jan 1819 He married Mary Ann Corley at Lexington District, South Carolina, on 26 Jan 1819 at age 18. 
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