Mary Ann Corley

Female, #32059, (circa 1800 - 12 Jun 1851)
Birth*circa 1800 Mary was born at Lexington District, South Carolina, circa 1800. 
Marriage*26 Jan 1819 She married Daniel Peek Culpepper at Lexington District, South Carolina, on 26 Jan 1819. 
Married Name26 Jan 1819  As of 26 Jan 1819, her married name was Culpepper. 
1820 Census7 Aug 1820 Mary was probably a free white female, age 16 and under 26, in Daniel Peek Culpepper's household, on the 1820 Census at Edgefield District, South Carolina.1 
Birth of Son1 Feb 1823 Her son James Marion Culpepper M.D. was born on 1 Feb 1823 at Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., Georgia
Birth of Son29 Aug 1825 Her son John Francis Culpepper was born on 29 Aug 1825 at Baldwin Co., Georgia
Death of Spouse25 Oct 1825 Her husband Daniel Peek Culpepper died on 25 Oct 1825 at Baldwin Co., Georgia
1830 Census*1 Jun 1830 Mary was listed as the head of a family on the 1830 Census at Monroe Co., Georgia. Unaccounted for is a Male 30-40..2 
1840 Census*1 Jun 1840 Mary was listed as the head of a family on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Upson Co., Georgia.3 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 Mary listed as a household member living with David George Cooper Jr. on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Talbot Co., Georgia.4 
Death*12 Jun 1851 She died at Talbot Co., Georgia, on 12 Jun 1851.5 
Burial* Her body was interred at Centerville Cemetery, near, Talbotton, Talbot Co., Georgia.6 
Biography*  It is possible that Mary Ann Corley was a sister of Nancy Corley who married Joel Culpepper, the older brother of Mary's husband, Daniel. Based on 1850 census information, Mary was born in South Carolina around 1800. A descendant, Mrs. J. D. (Dorothy Culpepper) Wingfield, copied the following from a Culpepper Family History preserved by Marvin M. Culpepper: [Daniel P. Culpepper] Married Mary A. Corley of Lexington, Kentucky.
      As noted, Mary listed her place of birth as South Carolina in the 1850 census, so the reference was probably to Lexington District, SC, where presumed sister, Nancy, was born and where their widowed mother, Barbara, was recorded in the 1820 census.
      Mary was recorded with her infant daughter in the household of her husband, Daniel, in the 1820 census of Edgefield District, SC. The widowed Mary (Corley) Culpepper emerged as a head-of-household with her young family in the 1830 census of Monroe Co., GA. Her father-in-law, John Culpepper, was living close by. A grandson, John Butler Culpepper, wrote in family notes that Mary then moved to live with or near her brother who was not identified. By 1832, Mary had apparently moved her family to Talbot Co., GA where her children were eligible for a draw in the 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia. The family was possibly living with her presumed brother, David Corley, who had been recorded in the 1830 census of Talbot County. She also might have been living near Francis G. Culpepper who was also listed in the 1830 census of Talbot Co., GA. It is not known if Mary sold the land that her children had drawn in Paulding Co., GA but she did not move her family to it. Mary's daughter, Nancy Caroline, apparently remained in Talbot Co., GA where she would marry David G. Cooper but by 1840, Mary and her sons had moved to Upson Co., GA. This is where John Jefferson Culpepper had been living in 1830 and what appears to be his son, "John J. Culpeper" was living there in 1840. A 50 year old "Mary Culpepper" born in South Carolina was listed (p. 314, family 1205) in the household of her daughter and son-in-law, David G. Cooper, in the 1850 census of Talbot Co., GA where she died a year later. There is a puzzling note in an 1853 letter of John Culpepper to his son, Francis G. Culpepper. John wrote "Daniels d[itt]o Dead." He wrote this after writing about where "Joel's Widow & family" were living and before mentioning where the children of Daniel and Mary's children were living. If it was a reference to John's son, Daniel P. Culpepper, then it was an odd comment since Daniel had been dead over 25 years and Francis G. Culpepper would have known it. However if the "do" is an abbreviated "ditto" then it was written under the word Widow of the line above in which case the sentence should be read "Daniels [Widow] Dead." According to Marriage and Death Notices from Southern Christian Advocate Vol I: 1837-1860 by Brent H. Holcomb, the following death notice appeared in the 25 Jul 1851 issue of the Southern Christian Advocate: Died in Talbot co., Ga., on the 12th of June, sister Mary Culpepper, in the 51st year of her age....
      This matches everything that is known about Mary (Corley) Culpepper and believed to be her death notice. 
Note* Sarah Corley, born c. 1804, SC, was the second wife of Jacob Rawls, Jr. They married in 1838, presumably in SC, as I don't believe they came into Coweta Co., GA, until 1839. Sarah Corley was the daughter of Lawrence Corley and Annie Barbara Derrick, of Lexington, SC. Sarah had 1 child. She died 10 Aug 1849, of apoplexy and is buried in Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church Cemetery, Haralson, Coweta Co., GA. Her headstone says right on it "daughter of the late L. Corly of Lexington Co. S.C." Note his name spelled without an "e." Buried right beside her is Elijah H. Corley, died 10 Sept 1851 aged 48 yrs, 1 month, 28 days. This MIGHT be a brother of hers. I've seen, photographed and done a rubbing of Sarah's headstone.

William Taylor's 1st wife, Rebecca Corley, who he married 30 Sept 1819, Lexington Co., SC, was also a daughter of Lawrence Corley and Annie Barbara Derrick, I'm pretty sure. Rebecca was born 4 May 1800, Lexington Co., SC, and she died 4 June 1863, Haralson, Coweta Co., GA. Likewise, she is buried at Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church Cemetery, Haralson, GA. Her headstone says she died 4 June 1863 at 63 years, 1 month. She had 10 children.

I have not pursued Lawrence and Annie Barbara Corley. I do have a birthdate for Annie as 17 June 1770 and a deathdate of 15 March 1858. Both Lawrence and Annie were born in SC. Annie was the daughter of Thomas Derrick, I've been told. That's all I know....7 


Daniel Peek Culpepper (23 Apr 1800 - 25 Oct 1825)
Marriage*26 Jan 1819 She married Daniel Peek Culpepper at Lexington District, South Carolina, on 26 Jan 1819. 
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