Mary Elizabeth Culpepper

Female, #32071, (31 Jul 1811 - 30 May 1883)
Father*John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL (1 Oct 1772 - 13 May 1855)
Mother*Nancy Gillespie (c 1778 - 25 Jul 1848)
Birth31 Jul 1807 Mary was born at South Carolina on 31 Jul 1807. 
Birth*31 Jul 1811 Mary was born at Richland District, South Carolina, on 31 Jul 1811. 
Married Name2 Feb 1827  As of 2 Feb 1827, her married name was Dean. 
Marriage*4 Feb 1827 She married John Wesley Dean at Monroe Co., Georgia, on 4 Feb 1827 at age 15.1 
Birth of Son25 Apr 1828 Her son Joseph John Francis Dean was born on 25 Apr 1828 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama
1830 Census1 Jun 1830 Mary was probably a free white female, age 20 and under 30, in John Wesley Dean's household, on the 1830 Census at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama. 25 m-p. 201.2 
1840 Census*1840 She was enumerated in the US Census of 1840 in 1840 at Talbot Co., Georgia
Death of Mother25 Jul 1848 Her mother Nancy Gillespie died on 25 Jul 1848 at Meriwether Co., Georgia
Death of Father13 May 1855 Her father John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL died on 13 May 1855 at Randolph Co., Alabama
Death of Spouse5 Jul 1879 Her husband John Wesley Dean died on 5 Jul 1879 at Clay Co., Alabama
Death*30 May 1883 She died at Clay Co., Alabama, on 30 May 1883 at age 71. 
Burial*circa 31 May 1883 Her body was interred circa 31 May 1883 at Clay Co., Alabama
Biography* Census: 1850 Randolph Co., AL (Beat 11 p. 385 #168 (Elizabeth 40 GA in hh of John W. Dean)) Census: 24 Sep 1860 Wesobulga P. O. District, Randolph Co., AL (p. 826 #1402 (Mary E. 50 SC in hh of John W. Dean)) Census: 1880 Clay Co., AL. \Coppermine Beat 2 p. 9 (Mary E. Dean 69 SC SC SC).\
      Mary Elizabeth was known as "Elizabeth" or "Betsie." Mrs. D. W. (Ira Gay) Deam of Gay, GA preserved a record of Elizabeth's birth from the John Culpepper Bible and Mrs. D. W. (Lavyn Wright) Sisco copied the record: _________________________Elizabeth Culpepper _________________________b. July 31 1811 _________________________On Wednesday 7 o'clock A. M.
      Dean family records give the date of Elizabeth's birth as 31 Jul 1807 however, the 1850 census listed her age as 40 and the 1860 census listed her age as 50 which would give more weight to the Bible record of her birth in 1811. The 1850 census mistakenly lists Elizabeth's place of birth as Georgia, but this was corrected to South Carolina in the 1860 census. This corresponds with the birth locations for the other Culpepper children. Based on the location of Elizabeth's parents in the 1810 census, she was probably born in Richland District, SC. In the 1880 census of Clay Co., AL the widow, Mary E. Dean, gave her age as as 69 years which would indicate that she believed herself to have been born in 1811. She gave the place of birth for herself and her parents as South Carolina.
      Soon after Mary Elizabeth's birth, the John Culpepper family would have moved to Edgefield District, SC and this is where she would have spent her childhood. Unfortunately the John Culpepper family has not been found in 1820 census records of South Carolina or Georgia, but they are presumed to have been living in Edgefield District, SC. In 1823 or 1824 Mary Elizabeth would probably have moved with her parents to Georgia and this is where she married John Wesley Dean in 1827 in Monroe County. The family apparently moved on to Talbot Co., GA then to Randolph Co., AL and finally Clay Co., AL. Mary Elizabeth and John Wesley Dean are known to have had twelve children.
      Mrs. Deam and Lavyn Sisco also recorded the date of Mary Elizabeth (Culpepper) Dean's death: _________________________d. January 22, 1889
      But Dean records give her date of death as 30 May 1883. This discrepancy has not yet been resolved although it is possible, as was common, that her age at death was recorded in years months and days and since the Culpepper's and the Dean's were using a different birth date to start calculations they reached different results and the differences were exacerbated through the years.
      Another possibility since the death was obviously not recorded by John Culpepper is that whoever entered the death date confused Mary Elizabeth with "Lizzie" Culpepper, Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper's daughter. "Lizzie's" death was entered in her father's Bible as "June 22nd 1889." Could this date have been read as January 22, 1889 and then entered in John Culpepper's Bible as the death date for Mary Elizabeth? 


John Wesley Dean (16 Feb 1805 - 5 Jul 1879)
Marriage*4 Feb 1827 She married John Wesley Dean at Monroe Co., Georgia, on 4 Feb 1827 at age 15.1 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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