James B. Culpepper

Male, #3438, (Nov 1894 - )
Father*James Irwin Culpepper (May 1852 - a 1900)
Mother*Margaret Ann Ingram (Apr 1855 - )
Research note* It is possible that James B. Culpepper is really Walter James Culpepper of Jackson, MS. DNA supports this theory. If this is the case, then Demaris is not the wife of Walter James but of someone named J. B. Culpepper.1 
Birth*Nov 1894 James was born at Covington Co., Mississippi, in Nov 1894.2 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 James was listed as a son in James Irwin Culpepper's household on the 1900 Census at Covington Co., Mississippi.2 
Marriage*circa 1914 He married Demaris (?) at Mississippi circa 1914.3 
Birth of Soncirca 1915 His son John Culpepper was born circa 1915 at Covington Co., Mississippi.3 
1920 Census*1 Jan 1920 James was listed as the head of a family on the 1920 Census at Seminary, Covington Co., Mississippi.3 


Demaris (?) (circa 1897 - )
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Jones Co., GA: Descendant Chart
Orphan / John Culpepper of Marion Co., MS: Descendant Chart
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  1. Warren L. Culpepper (#1942), Publisher of Culpepper Connections, See link below for e-mail address.
  2. 1900 Federal Census, United States.
    ED 13, Page 12A, Family 233, Watts, Covington County, MS
    Irving Culpepper, Head, Wh, M, May 1852, 48, M, Md-20 yrs, MS/MS/MS, Farmer
    Margarett Culpepper, Wife, Wh, F, Apr 1863, 37, Md-20 yrs, ch 8/8, MS/MS/MS
    Ida O. Culpepper, Daughter, Wh, F, May 1879, 21, S, MS/MS/MS
    Pheony Culpepper Daughter, Wh, F, Jun 1882, 18, S, MS/MS/MS
    Anna Culpepper, Daughter, Wh, F, Feb 1884, 16, S, MS/MS/MS
    Willie Culpepper, Son, Wh, M, Oct. 1887, 12, S, MS/MS/MS
    Katie Culpepper Daughter, Wh, F, May 1890, 10, S, MS/MS/MS
    May Culpepper Daughter, Wh, F, Oct 1892, 8, S, MS/MS/MS
    Jim Culpepper, Son, Wh, M, Nov. 1894, 6, S, MS/MS/MS
    Millard Culpepper, Son, Wh, M, Jan 1896, 4, S, MS/MS/MS
    Carrie Culpepper, Daughter, Wh, F, Feb 1898, 2, S, MS/MS/MS.
  3. 1920 Federal Census, United States.
    ED 1, Sheet 149, Page 14A, Lines 39-42, Seminary, Covington Co., MS (22 Jan 1920)
    J. B. Culpepper, Head, M, Wh, 26, md, MS/AL/AL
    Demaris Culpepper, Wife, F, Wh, 22, md, MS/MS/MS
    John Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 4, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Velma Culpepper, Dau, F, Wh, 2, sng, MS/MS/MS.