John Culpeper of Guyana1

Male, #45825, (say 1880 - say 1955)
Father*Samuel Culpeper of Barbados, British Guyana or England1 (s 1850 - )
DNA* The ancestry of John Culpeper of Guyana is unproven. To help prove it, we are seeking a male Culpepper descendant to participate in our free DNA testing project. For more information, go to
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper of Guyana. 
Birth*say 1880 He was born say 1880 at Barbados
Marriage*between 1894 and 1905 He married Marie Francisca between 1894 and 1905. John and Marie Culpepper had 13 children.1 
Birth of Sonbetween 1895 and 1912 His son Edward Culpeper of Guyana was born between 1895 and 1912 at Guyana
Birth of Son24 Jan 1913 His son Francis Patrick Culpeper of Guyana was born on 24 Jan 1913 at Guyana.1 
Death*say 1955 He died at Guyana say 1955.1 
Biography* From Sharon Culpeper, July 2002:
     ... my mother just arrived from Guyana, she was able to confirm that grandfather's name is Culpeper, instead of Culpepper. She also confirmed that my grandfather's family came from Barbados. She also mentioned that two brothers migrated to Guyana, John and Harvey Culpeper. John being my great grandfather. She also mentioned that my grandfather claimed that his grandfather was from England.
     John Culpeper ... was sent to England to be a Minister, but refused and worked as a sailor from ship to ship according to my mother. He eventually settled in Guyana at a placed called Moruca.
     John and his wife Maria had 13 children. Only two are alive my grandfather and his sister.

Follow-up from Sharon Culpepper, Oct 2003:
     ...My grandfather (Francis Patrick Culpeper) married Josephine Evans. She died September 4th, 1998 after being together for over 50 years. His father's name was John Culpeper, according to my aunt he died sometime in the 50S. My grandfather has seven children, Francis Culpeper Jr (living in Guyana), Elaine Culpeper Carrington (living in New York), Patricia Culpeper (living in Texas), Eloise Culpeper (living in Florida), Kathleen Culpeper (living in Belize), Carmen Culpeper Pieters (living Guyana), and Maurice Culpeper (living in Guyana). He has ninteen grandchildren.
     According to my aunt, John Culpeper became a farmer, after his uncle Harvey Culpeper sent him to England to study, in which he did not follow through. Harvey stopped suppyling money and he worked from ship to ship. We do not know how much time he spent in England but he returned and became a farmer. This was due to Harvey having land ownership in Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana.
     John Culpeper had thirteen children: Kathleen Culpeper, Julie Culpeper, Edward Culpeper, Francis Culpeper, Florance Culpeper (still living and younger than my grandfather). These were the only names by aunt could recall.

Followup from Sharon Culpeper, Dec 2004:
     I am sad to report that my grandfather Francis Culpeper Sr passed on last Saturday, November 21st at the aged of 91.1 
Research note* The father of Harvey and John Culpeper of Barbados and Guyana is unknown. It is possible, but certainly not proven, that he was Samuel Aloyssus Culpeper. If you can better identify this family, please contact Warren Culpepper.2 
Research note* On 7 Nov 2008, Natalie Culpeper wrote: "My grandmother is Florence Culpeper, daughter of John and Marie Culpeper. She is now 91 years old and resides in New York City. She had 8 brothers and sister, all of whom have now passed on. Their names were-Julie, Kathleen, Rosa, Gertrude, Edward, Marie, Francis, and Beatrice. She insists that her grandfather's name was also John not Samuel... Many of Grandma's siblings were married and also had children. Some relocated from Guyana to Venezuela, China, Europe and the U.S. The descendents of Francis Culpeper now live in Guyana and Florida."3 


Marie Francisca (say 1882 - )
Marriage*between 1894 and 1905 He married Marie Francisca between 1894 and 1905. John and Marie Culpepper had 13 children.1 
ChartsThe Culpepers of Guyana and Puerto Rico: Descendant Chart
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