Joyce Powell Culpepper

Female, #5776, (1 Feb 1801 - 10 Feb 1824)
Father*Benjamin Culpepper of Edgefield District, SC (bt 1755 - 1765 - 10 Jan 1829)
Mother*Joyce Powell Sheppard (29 Dec 1770 - 24 Feb 1841)
Birth*1 Feb 1801 Joyce was born at Edgefield District, South Carolina, on 1 Feb 1801. 
1810 Census6 Aug 1810 Joyce was probably a free white female under 10 years of age, in Benjamin Culpepper of Edgefield District, SC's household on the 1810 Census at Edgefield District, South Carolina. Unaccounted for is 1 male 26-45.1 
Deed18 Dec 1811 She was granted a deed by Benjamin Culpepper of Edgefield District, SC on 18 Dec 1811 at Edgefield District, South Carolina,

This indenture made this 18th Day of December in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and eleven and of the American Independence the thirty sixths. Between Benjamin Culpeper of the one part and George Strother of the other part of the same District and State aforesaid.

WHEREAS the said Benjamin Culpeper is desirous of making some fixed and permanent arrangement as to his property and estate, and thereby to make provision for his wife Joyce Culpeper, his daughter Joyce Culpeper and the aforementioned George Strother, and that no event accident or occurrences may frustrate and defeat the mind, will and intention of the said Benjamin Culpeper in all and singular or any part and parcell of the provisions in this Deed contemplated, he hath resolved, and determined to divest himself of all the property interest and estate herein after mentioned, and to vest the whole and every part thereof in the said George Strother for the uses, intents and purposes herein after mentioned.

NOW this INDENTURE WITNESSETH That in pursuance of the fixed purpose and intention of the said Benjamin Culpeper, and also for and in consideration of one Dollar and Twenty five Cents to the said Benjamin Culpeper by the said George well and truly paid at and before the sealing and delivery of their presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and for divers other causes and considerations specially moving the said Benjamin thereto, hath granted, bargained and sold and by their presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said George Strother the following Negros, namely Jacob, Dublin, Nammy, Lydia, Peter and Morrice and all and every of their issues and _____, and also four of my best and most valuable Horses, my Waggon and gear, and all of my Household and kitchen furniture & all my my Plantation Tolls, the one half of my Stock of Cattle, Sheep and Hogs to have and to hold all and singular the Negros and other property aforementioned to the said George Strother his Heirs and ______to and for and upon the several uses trusts and purposes and subject to the several limitations and agreements hereinafter mentioned, limited, expressed and declared of and concerning the same.

The said Benjamin Culpeper excuses and reserves to himself the right and privilege (if he shall wish to claim and exercise the same) to keep in his own custody forever and posession during his natural life, all and singular the aforementioned Negros and other property, and to use employ and control the same, to enjoy and have during his natural life the profits and advantages of the same; but not to sell or dispose of the same or any part thereof without the consent of the said George Strother.

And the said Benjamin Culpeper further stipulates and provides that if his wife Joyce Culpeper shall outlive him the said Benjamin _____and in that case the said Joyce shall be permitted to choose the four Horses from my stock of horses then on hand - that the one full half or share of my Cattle, Hogs, Sheep all of my Household and kitchen furniture, and Plantation Tools shall be ascertained by the judment and decision of three disinterested persons one to be chosen by my wife, one by the said George Strother and one by the children which I had by my former wife - And that the division shall have been fully ascertained in manner aforementioned then immediately shall the said George make and execute to the said Joyce my wife a Deed for all the aforementioned Negros and their issue and the said four horses and the waggon and gear, and the said one half or share of all my stock of Hogs, Cattle Sheep, and all of my household and kitchen furniture., and Plantation Tools to her and her Heirs forever to dispose of the same as she thinks prudent and proper. --

And it is further provided that during the lifetime of the said Benjamin and before the execution of the said Deed from the said George Strother to the said Joyce Culpeper she the said Joyce has full power and right to sell will or otherwise dispose of all or any of the aforementioned property subject however to life estate of the said Benjamin Culpeper.

AND lastly it is provided that if the said Joyce Culpeper should die intestate without having made any disposition of the aforementioned property then it is expressly understood and provided that the same and all and every part thereof be equally divided between my Daughter Joyce Culpeper and the said George Strother the Trustee named in this case them and their Heirs forever.

IN WITNESS whereof we have mutually hereunto set our hands and affixed our Seals the day and year above written.

Benjamin Culpeper (signed by one that deed)
in presence of James Spann, David Richardson, George S Strother

SOUTH CAROLINA, Edgefield District - Before me personally appeared David Richardson and made oath on the holy Evangist of Almighty God that he was present and saw the within named Benjamin Culpeper and George S Strother sign the within instrument of writing for the purposes therein mentioned and saw James Spann sign with himself as witness thereunto. David Richardson.

Sworn before me 30th March 1812, John Blocker, S. Q., Clerks Office, Edgefield District
Recorded in my office in Book H H page 69 and examined this 30th Mary 1812. S. Butler, Reg. E. D.2 
Married Name16 Nov 1815  As of 16 Nov 1815, her married name was Sheppard. 
Deed21 Jul 1817 She granted a deed, with Benjamin Culpepper of Edgefield District, SC and Joyce Powell Sheppard as a previous landowner on 21 Jul 1817 at Edgefield Co., South Carolina,

On 21 July 1817, Drury Culpeper and wife, Lettice, Preston Gilder and wife, Polly, together with James Shepherd and wife, Joice, bonded in favor of deed made by (their father) Benjamin Culpepper and his (second) wife Joice, to Jonathan Weaver of Edgefield County, South Carolina, the same date. 
Deed29 May 1819 She granted a deed on 29 May 1819 at Edgefield District, South Carolina,

Know all men by these presents that we Drury Culpeper and Lettice his wife, Preston Gilder and Polly his Wife, together with James Shepperd and Joice his wife, do jointly hold Ourselves indebted to Jonathan Weaver His Heirs and assigns the sum of five thousand dollars which sum we bind ourselves our heirs and assigns just and truly to make unto the said Jonathan Weaver his heirs and assigns Witness ourselves & heirs this 21st day of July 1817 Another condition of the above obligation is such that if either of the above bound persons their Heirs or assigns ever interfere or meddle with the said Jonathan Weaver his Heirs or assigns in the purchase of a certain Tract or parcel of land conveyed by Drury Culpeper to the said Jonathan Weaver his Heirs or assigns the above Obligation, to remain in full force & value(?) or otherwise to be void and no affect Witness our hands and Seals this day & date(?) Formerly Written.
     Drury Culpeper (seal), Lettice Culpeper (seal), Preston Gilder (seal), Polly Gilder (seal), J Shephard (seal), Joyce P Shephard (seal). Attest: Benjamin Suddoth, Lewis Suddoth
     South Carolina Edgefield District. Personally Came Lewis Suddoth before me & made oath as the law directs that the above named persons did in his presence assign seal and deliver the within Obligation to Jonathan Weaver for the uses within mentioned & that Benjamin Suddoth dec'd. at the same time and in his presence with himself assign the same and witness. Sworn to before me this 29th May 1819, James Bell J.P., Lewis Suddoth. Recorded 7th June 1819.3 
Death*10 Feb 1824 She died on 10 Feb 1824 at age 23. 
Burial*circa 11 Feb 1824 Her body was interred circa 11 Feb 1824 at Strother-Sheppard Cemetery, Edgefield District, South Carolina
Biography* The following should correctly be a reference to Joyce Powell Culpepper, who married James Sheppard, and not to her sister Frances Culpepper, who married a Jumper. James and Joyce (Culpepper) Sheppard had a daughter Frances, and that may account for the apparent confusion in the following article about the parents of the deceased:


Published by: Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society
1st Printing July 2003
O.E.D.G.S. P. O. Box 546
Edgefield, S. C. 29824-0546

On page 171
Item 170 SHEPPARD, G. J. resolution on his death by Bethany Baptist Church, dated 22 May 1892 [Issue of Jun 1892. George James Sheppard, s/o James & Frances Culpepper Sheppard, husband of Emeline Mobley.].4,5

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