John Otis Jr.1

Male, #62884, (circa 1621 - 16 Jan 1684)
Father*John Oates1 (1581 - 31 May 1657)
Mother*Margaret (?)1 (s 1584 - 28 Jun 1653)
Birth*circa 1621 He was born circa 1621 at Glastonbury, co. Somerset, England.1 
Baptism14 Jan 1622 He was baptized on 14 Jan 1622 at Glastonbury, co. Somerset, England.1,2,3 
Immigration*1630 He immigrated in 1630 to Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.2 
Marriage*circa 1649 He married Mary Jacob at Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, circa 1649.1,4 
Death of Mother28 Jun 1653 His mother Margaret (?) died on 28 Jun 1653 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1 
Birth of Son1655 His son James Otis was born in 1655 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1,5 
Death of Father31 May 1657 His father John Oates died on 31 May 1657 at Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.1,6 
Birth of Son21 Sep 1657 His son Hon. John Otis was born on 21 Sep 1657 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1,2 
Birth of Son1661 His son Capt. Stephen Otis was born in 1661 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1,2 
Birth of Son1663 His son James Otis was born in 1663 at Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1 
Birth of Son1665 His son Hon. Joseph Otis was born in 1665 at Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1,2 
Birth of Son20 Mar 1677 His son Job Otis was born on 20 Mar 1677 at Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1,7 
Will*11 Jan 1683 He made a will at Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, on 11 Jan 1683, naming as executor(s) Mary Otis, naming as heir(s) Mary Gorham, Hannah Otis, Elizabeth Otis, Hon. John Otis, Capt. Stephen Otis, James Otis and Job Otis.

The will of Gen. John Otis of Scituate named his eldest dau. Mary, wife of John Gowin; dau's Hannah and Elizabeth, to each of whom he gave £50; sons John, Stephen, James, Job, among whom his houses and lands at Hingham and Barnstable were divided; wife Mary sole executirx. (Plymouth Wills, Vol. 4, 2d part, p. 78).8 
Death*16 Jan 1684 He died at Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, on 16 Jan 1684.1,3 
Burial*17 Jan 1684 His body was interred on 17 Jan 1684 at First Parish Cemetery, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.1 
Biography* When John was about ten years old the family emigrated to new England, and his father settled at Hingham. The family residence was at ‘Otis Hill,’ where John lived until after his parents’ death. In 1668 he, or at least a John Otis, is mentioned on the Hingham records as being a landholder; it is also recorded that he took the oath of fidelity there in 1662; although in 1661 he had moved to Scituate. There he bought of Deacon Thomas Robinson the house on the south of Coleman Hill, formerly the residence of Gen. Cudworth, and resided there. In 1663, according to thte records, he bought for 69 pounds a certain portion of another property from Mr. Hatherly. In 1678 he went to Barnstable and settled a land called Otis farm, opposite to Hinkley Lane, near the Marshes, West Parish. There he left his son John, and returned to Scituate, where he died.
     His monument was in the old burying ground. ‘Meeting House Lane,’ one mile south of the harbor, and in 1845, although broken and defaced, ws still legible. His will, dated Scituate 1683, gives to his eldest daughter, Mary, the wife of John Gorham, and daughter of Hannah and Elizabeth 50 pounds each; houses and lands at Hingham and Barnstable to John, Stephen, James, and Job; to Joseph and Job house and lands in Sciutate after after his mother’s decease. He is said to have been in King Philip’s War.
     John seems to have been of a rather pugnacious disposition and not easily amenable to the strict laws of the Puritans, so that one finds frequent references in the old records to his various legal troubles as indicated in the following:

Shurtleff’s Records of Mass.:
     In 1651, 22 May, at the general court of Boston, ‘John Oatis of Hingham pr’ferd a petition for the abatement or remission of a fine imposed uppon him by a Court at Boston, for his resistance of the constable, which the Court thinkes meete he should pay.’
     Boston Court, May 14, 1654. ‘In answer to the petition of John Oates for remitt’n of a fine imposed on him, the Court thinkes meete to graunt his request, excetp 30 shillings, 20 whereof belong to the county and 10 to the constable, so as the petition’r, on a Lord’s day, after exercise, or on some publicke assembling of the congregation make like full acknowledgement of his miscarriage, as he doth in this petition, by word or wrting, or else shall pay, within one six weekes, five pounds, as a fine to the county.’
     General Court at Boston, May 26, 1658. ‘In the case of Jno. Tucker and Anne, his wife, plaintiffe, agt. Jno. Ottis and Jno. Mansfield, defendnt, the court on hearing of all the evidenced produced in case, they found for the defendant costs of court, i.e., one pound nineteen shillings and fower pence.’

Plymouth Court Records. Vol. V., pg. 81.
     ‘At the Court holden at Plymouth the 29th day of October, 1671, John Otis, for selling syder without order from the court, was fined the sum of 40 shillings to the Collonies use, or to appear to answare for the same.’
     Also, in the same Court records, his name appears several times as a member of grand jury--’Grand Enquest.’.2 
Biography John, whose posterity is very numerous, married Mary, daughter of Nicholas Jacob of HIngham, 1653. In 1661, he settled in Scituate, on the south of Colman's hills. In 1678, he went to Barnstable, and took ujp 'the Otis farm,' near Hinckley lane. He left at Barnstable his eldest son John, and returned and deceased in Scituate 1683. His monument is in 'the old burying ground in Meeting-house lane': it is broken and defaced, but legible at this time.
     In his will, dated at Scituate, 1683, he gives 'To eldest daughter Mary, (wife of John Gowin), and daughters Hannah and Elizabeth 50 pounds each. Houses and lands at Hingham and Barnstable, to John, Stephen, James and Job. To Joseph house and lands in Scituate, after his mother's decease.9
Biography In 1655, in accordance with a promise made to him at the time of his marriage in 1649, his father conveyed to him all of his real estate in Hingham, including the home on North Street. John Otis and his family resided there until 1661, when he purchased from Deacon Thomas Robinson a house, formerly that of Gen. James Cudworth (his second home in Scituate), on the south side of Colman hills in Scituate, and here he removed from Hingham. The site of this house is now [1938] covered by the railroad track of the Scituate Sand and Gravel Company.10 


Mary Jacob (circa 1632 - after 12 Jul 1699)
Marriage*circa 1649 He married Mary Jacob at Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, circa 1649.1,4 
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