Lessie Culpepper

Female, #7318, (circa 1913 - )
Father*Isaac Jefferson Culpepper (31 Mar 1880 - )
Mother*Mary E. (?) (Jun 1882 - )
Name Variation She was also known as Lettie.1 
Birth*circa 1913 Lessie was born at Covington Co., Mississippi, circa 1913.2 
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Lessie was listed as a daughter in Isaac Jefferson Culpepper's household on the 1920 Census at Seminary, Covington Co., Mississippi.2 
1930 Census1 Apr 1930 Lettie was listed as a daughter in Isaac Jefferson Culpepper's household on the 1930 Census at Jones Co., Mississippi.1 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Jones Co., GA: Descendant Chart
Orphan / John Culpepper of Marion Co., MS: Descendant Chart
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  1. 1930 Federal Census, United States.
    ED 34-24, Page 2B, Beat 5, Jones Co., MS
    Rent Home, $1,500, Radio=N
    Jeff Culpeper, Head, M, Wh, 50, md@19, MS/MS/MS, Foreman, Railroad, Vet=N
    Mary Culpeper, Wife F, Wh, 53, md@23, MS/GA/SC
    Grace Culpeper, Daughter, F, Wh, 21, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Gladis Culpeper, Daughter, F, Wh, 20, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Hubert Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 18, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Lettie Culpeper, Daughter, F, Wh, 15, sng, MS/MS/MS
    I J Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 12, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Luceal Culpeper, Daughter, F, Wh, 9, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Evelina Culpeper, Daughter, F, Wh, 7, sng, MS/MS/MS.
  2. 1920 Federal Census, United States.
    ED 1, Sheet 138, Page 3A, Lines 8-17, Seminary, Covington Co., MS (5 Jan 1920)
    I. J. Culpepper, Head, M, Wh, 39, md, MS/MS/MS Blacksmith
    Mary Culpepper, Wife, F, Wh, 43, md, MS/GA/AL
    Howard Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 18, sng, MS/MS/MS Laborer
    Lenoa Culpepper, Dau, F, Wh, 14, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Gracie Culpepper, Dau, F, Wh, 12, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Gladys Culpepper, Dau, F, Wh, 10, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Hubert Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 8, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Lessie Culpepper, Dau, F, Wh, 6, sng, MS/MS/MS
    I. J. Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 3, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Mary Lucile Culpepper, Dau, F, Wh, 1 3/12, sng, MS/MS/MS.