Unknown wife of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk Co., VA

Female, #840, (say 1666 - before 16 Oct 1739)
Birth*say 1666 Unknown was born say 1666. 
Marriage*say 1687 She married Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk Co., VA at Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia, say 1687. 
Married Namesay 1687  As of say 1687, her married name was Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpeper. 
Birth of Sonsay 1694 Her son Robert Culpepper Jr. of Lower Norfolk Co., VA was born say 1694 at Norfolk Co., Virginia
Birth of Sonsay 1696 Her son Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC was born say 1696 at Norfolk Co., Virginia
Birth of Sonsay 1698 Her son Benjamin Culpepper son of Robert was born say 1698. 
Death*before 16 Oct 1739 She died at Norfolk Co., Virginia, before 16 Oct 1739
Robert did not mention his wife in his will, and so she seems seems to have died earlier. 
Biography* Based on the deed below, it has been suggested that Robert's wife may have been Sarah. However, Sarah was not mentioned in his will and was probably deceased at that time
6 Feb. 1746 -- Deed Bk 14, p 24, Peter Taylor and his wife, Dorcas, of Norfolk County, Va. to Richard Bunting of Norfolk Co. for 25 pounds current money a tract of 50 acres of land on the south side of the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, in (Newby’s or Hubey’s) Neck joining the lands of John Joyce and Richard Taylor being the land said Richard Bunting sold to Peter Taylor. Sign. Peter Taylor and Dorcas Taylor (X), wit. Ralph (Fenter), SARAH CULPEPPER (X her mark), Elanor Tart. Transcribed by Clyde T. Colbert

It is interesting to note that each of her sons, Robert, Jr., Joseph, and Benjamin, named a son Benjamin. In the case of Joseph and Benjamin, at least, it would appear that they each named their first born son, Benjamin. Various naming conventions were used by different cultures in the South, but in Virginia, first born sons were most often named after a grandfather. (See "Albion's Seed, Four British Folkways in America," by David Hackett Fischer.)

So perhaps the father of Robert's wife was named Benjamin.

The birth dates of Robert's children are largely speculative, and subject to revision from further research. Perhaps the order in which Robert names his children in his will offers us some guidance as to the order of birth. This writer prefers to use the known or approximate birth dates of children, to estimate the birth date of the parents. The dates one chooses, in either case, are going to be guesses, at best.

If our current ancestral theory is correct, then one would hope that all of the male names used in this family, Robert, Joseph, and Benjamin, came from the distaff side of the Culpepper family, in some recent prior generation, as none of these names are Culpepper family names, in the branch of the Culpeppers from which we currently speculate that this line is descended. 


Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk Co., VA (say 1664 - circa 1742)
Marriage*say 1687 She married Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk Co., VA at Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia, say 1687. 
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