Sir William Clarke of Wrotham, Knight1

Male, #8902, (1608 - 29 Jun 1644)
Father*Sir John Clarke Baron of the Exchequer1 (c 1586 - 22 Aug 1644)
Mother*Elizabeth Stede1 (c 1589 - )
Birth*1608 William was born in 1608. 
Marriage*7 Jan 1636 He married Mary Culpeper at Hollingbourne, co. Kent, England, on 7 Jan 1636. 
Birth of Sonsay 1638 His son John Clarke Esq., of Wrotham, Kent was born say 1638.2 
Death*29 Jun 1644 He died at Cropedy, Oxfordshire, England, on 29 Jun 1644. 
Biography* "Sir William Clarke descended from a baron of the Exchequer temp. Henry VI (Hasted, ii, 239), and, through his mother, who was a Stede, from John Culpeper of Wigsell, was a true 'Kentish Sir Byng.' Clarendon (Rebellion, iv, 504) records his death at Cropredy Bridge on the Cherwell in Oxfordshire, June 29, 1644, aet. 36, when in a glorious victory 'we lost two colonels, Sir William Boteler and Sir William Clarke, both gentlemen of Kent, of fair fortunes, who had raised and armed their regiments at their own charge and were both killed dead upon the place.'
     "A younger brother of this Sir William, shown on the Clarke pedigree certified at the Visitation of Kent, 1619, as 'John aet. 5, 1619,' died in Virginia, 1644, when Edward Wyatt administered upon his estate (W. & M. Quar., iii, 37)."3 
Biography Sir William Clark--the son of Sir John Clark and Elizabeth Stede--had two siblings: John and Cecilia. He married Mary Culpeper, and they had at least two children: Mary and Cecilia.1 
Researcher*3 Oct 2012 Researcher, Lora Harrison, reports the her descendancy from Mary Culpepper and William Clark as follows:
Mary Culpepper + William Clark -->
John Jonathon Clark + Mary Bird -->
John C Clark + Elizabeth Ann Lumpkin -->
Jonathon Clark + Elizabeth Ann Wilson -->
Benjamin Clark + Elizabeth Lee (Lea) -->
Abraham Clark + Elizabeth unk -->
Jacob Clark + Lucy Lacefield -->
Henry Clark + Mary Slinker -->
Albert Antle Clark + Ellen Goodell -->
Elsa William Clark + Mary unk -->
Vira Nora Clark + Caswell B Galloway (descendent of John Brown, 1626-1685, died as a martyr on Priesthill in Scotland where memorial stands) -->
John David Galloway + Margaret Elinor Brading (her grandmother was a Cushman, a family that was part of the separatist church in British history) -->
Lois Irene Galloway + Kelley Clond -->
Lora Clond (me).4 


Mary Culpeper (circa 1611 - )
Marriage*7 Jan 1636 He married Mary Culpeper at Hollingbourne, co. Kent, England, on 7 Jan 1636. 
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