Elizabeth Culpeper1

Female, #9122, (circa 1584 - 23 May 1624)
Father*Sir Edward Culpeper of Wakehurst, Knight (1561 - b 15 May 1630)
Mother*Elizabeth Farnfold (s 1566 - c 10 Jun 1633)
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*circa 1584 Elizabeth was born circa 1584. 
Baptism13 Dec 1584 She was baptized at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England, on 13 Dec 1584.  
Married Name25 May 1611  As of 25 May 1611, her married name was Whitfield. 
Marriage*25 May 1611 She married John Whitfield of Worth and Mortlake, co. Surrey at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England, on 25 May 1611. 
Death*23 May 1624 She died on 23 May 1624. 
Burial*1624 Her body was interred in 1624 at Rowfant Chapel, Worth Church, Worth, co. Sussex, England
Biography* Elizabeth, baptized at Ardingly 13 Dec 1584, married there 25 May 1611, to John Whitfield, Esq., of Mortlake, co. Surrey, son and heir of Thomas Whitfield, of Mortlake. She died 23 May, 1624. Their marriage settlement was as follows:
Sir Edward Culpeper covenants to pay £1200 as jointure at the Royal Exchange London. Also he will convey to Thomas Whitfield all those marsh lands called Hoe marsh in Sussex which he Sir Edward bought from William Jordan of the yearly value of £50. For seven years after the marriage Sir Edward Culpeper covenants that he will provide and allow unto the said John and Elizabeth and unto one manservant and one maidservant convenient and fit meat and drink and lodging with all necessary according to their several places and degrees, with the said Sir Edward Culpeper or his heirs.
Thomas Whitfield on his part doth covenant and grant with the said Sir Edward that he is seized of 100 acres of marsh in Olderton Inning in Brookland, co. Kent. Also of a messuage in All Saints Barking near Tower Hill, London. Also of a messuage and 3 score and ten acres in Staplehurst co. Kent. Also of the ancient manor house of Eastsheen in Mortlake and of the manors of East Sheen and Westhall and of 190 acres of land in Mortlake and of the capital messuage in Mortlake where the said Thomas now dwells. Also of 100 acres in Minster in the Isle of Sheppey.
He promises to hand over the marsh land in Brookland and the property in Staplehurst to their use until the marriage is completed. He further covenants that if his son John Whitfield before the feast of St Andrew the Apostle in 1616 shall fitly and worthily for his learning in the common Law of this Realm of England be called and admitted in Lincoln's Inn to be an outer barrister in which house the said John is now a student, that then the said Thomas Whitfield will suffer to discend and come unto the said John such estate in the manor of Whitfield in the county of Northumberland as he the said Thomas shall think fit to the value of £800. Also at his the said Thomas Whitfield's death John is to have furniture to the value of £200 by the Judgment of indifferent men. Mortlake is also to go to John at Thomas' death.
Source: "The Sussex Colepepers-II"
From Nina Powell: Elizabeth Culpepper is buried in the Rowfant Chapel of Worth church, where a plaque aparently describes her as wife of 'John of Rowfant' and lists her surviving children. This is also in the book'Wakehurst Place', listing them as John, Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, Anne and Mary. As for John, the most intersting thing I have about him so far apart from dates of births etc is how he
died, which I got from the Sussex coroners inquests 1603-1688. He died after a carriage accident when he and his kids were going to church, and the horses went out of control. he told the children to jump out, and when he jumped out he fell awkwardly and died a few
days later.


John Whitfield of Worth and Mortlake, co. Surrey (say 1580 - )
Marriage*25 May 1611 She married John Whitfield of Worth and Mortlake, co. Surrey at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England, on 25 May 1611. 
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